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MAKE OUT LIFE, real first name Berkay last name Kocak, is an American hip-hop singer.

Born: May 16, 2004

Birth Place : Heilbronn, Germany

Parents: Canan Kocak & Öztürk Kocak

Siblings: Derya Kocak, hakan Kocak, Deniz Kocak, Demet Kocak & Baris Kocak

Berkay Kocak also known as: MAKE OUT LIFE, 777teen & Jeik Smith

life and career[]

Due to his depression, Jeik spent most of the time with his then girlfriend Rebecca Smith † who became his wife in 2018.

His interest in music was discovered in 2014 by Jahseh Onfroy.

In 2018 Jeik released his first song If I die Tonight under his artist name MAKE OUT LIFE which reached 5 million views on YouTube within 3 hours.

In 2019 Jeik Released his first Official Audio by : Amuse.io´´ 3 Months After The Release He Left Amuse IO Cause of getting Scammed.

In 2019 Jeik's wife Rebecca Smith died from an overdose (suicide) of Xanax.

In 2020 Jeik Started to Plan his Album ´´ Legends Never Die´´

In 2020 Jeik achieved his dream and became internationally known and is now considered one of the best artists from Washington D.C.

In 2020 Jeik founded the label 17.Force and is self-employed.

In 2021 Jeik Started To Trust ´´ United Masters´´ A digital distribution Service, He Released one Album and Three Singles at his First Month by United Masters & He is Really Happy To be a Part of United Masters Selected Artist.

In 17Th February Makeoutlife Fans was worried about the Rapper.

Graduation and school[]

Jeik has attended 4 different schools

In 2017 he was expelled from the Kurt-Von-Marval community school because he had often argued with students and teachers

In 2018 Jeik visited the Werk Realschule Hölderlin but unfortunately did not get his degree because he never had his materials with him.

In 2019 Jeik attended the Susanne Finkbeiner School where he graduated from secondary school and where his current marriage was wife / fiance

In 2020 Jeik got his secondary school diploma, but in 2020 he went to a vocational academy to improve his grades.

Mental illness and position for this generation[]

Due to his bad past and many losses, Jeik suffers from an incurable disease and is traumatized by his experiences

Jeik raps and sings in many songs about his past and his death. He himself does not call himself a rapper but an artist.

Jeik is considered one of the best newcomers and artists of this generation, but on the Internet he is compared to Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy.